Meet The Team

News on what we’re doing

This page will include news on our projects. We’d also like to introduce you to the volunteers in the group to get to know them, and learn about where we all come from and what keeps us going.

Meet Mimi Marquis

I never thought answering a call from Dr. Kyle Horton to help administer a Facebook group would end up leading me to be a co-founder of this effort. My background is in the travel industry, and I have no medical, or sewing background (Eric, my husband, will go on about how he bought me a sewing machine for Christmas over a decade ago because I wanted one, and it sat collecting dust, and complain about how I made him move it from house to house).

I do, however, have experience in project management, and love organizing events. In my current job, I also have experience in creating forms, content management, so these skills came in handy when it turned out that there would be no other organizers with Kyle.

Co-founder, Mimi Marqui

Not knowing what I could do, not knowing what I would be doing, I jumped in with both feet, and I’m glad I did. This effort has given me some semblance of control over something I have no control over. The virus, the ignorance, the uncertainty. This has made me feel like I’m doing something. I’ve learned to sew better, which is not saying much. I’ve delivered masks & shields. I’ve helped assemble a wonderful team of volunteers. I’ve met a lot of new people. This has given me purpose.