Mask Patterns

Here patterns used by sewists of Cape Fear OSMS

  • University of Florida N95 masks – note: this mask is suitable for medical facilities

For N95 grade masks made from Halyard 600 material, the following patterns developed by University of Florida College of Medicine’s department of anesthesiology who worked with local sewists to design. Prototype 1 is what we sent to Navajo Nation.

Some of the sewists liked Prototype1 pattern so much, that it was altered to add a filter pocket & nose piece, and made with cloth.

Quick & Easy Pleated Face Mask with Nose Bridge & Filter Pocket

Fabric Mask with filter pocket

Clear View Masks

We found this pattern to be best after trying several. One thing we learned is to not use pattern on the outside if the purpose is for lip reading, as the pattern around the area makes it fatiguing on the reader.

Personal experience also found for those with small noses, or flatter faces, putting in pleats at the top helps not push the clear area right up to the plastic.

Smile Mask – original

Smile Mask – removable window