Our Team

We are a team of fiercely dedicated volunteers stepping up to protect our community.

Dr. Kyle Horton

Founding Member

Email me: lkylehorton@gmail.com

Mimi Marquis

Founding Member

A Product Manager for a travel marketing company with no prior experience in sewing, unless you count making rectangular blankets for her cats. Now able to sew several mask patterns with elastic or cloth ties!

Email me: sraquix@gmail.com



Babs Fullerton, President of ASG Cape Fear Chapter, and team.
Barbara Anderson
Bobbi Fitzsim8mons
Carol Sibley Hood
Catherine Cloud
Cheryl Canady
Cheryl Forester
Colleen Higgins
Deborah Simpson
Ellen Carpenter
Gillian Hough
Glynda Paternotte
Helen Arnett
Jamie DeWire
Kristi Simms
Lauren Heckman
Lesley Tamaev
Marcia Morgan
Mary Beth Livers, Executive Director of Brunswick Arts Council, and her team
Nan Seamans
Nora O’Brien
Pat McCarthy
Peggy Dudek
Ruth Chambers
Shannon Schaibel
Stephanie Walker
Sue Hayes
Susan Mahall
Theresa “Terri” Downs
Yvonne Wilson


Amy Hooker Kidd
Amy Riggs
Beth Carter
Betsy Nixon
Darlene Powell
Diana Hill
Elli Klein
Harriet Baker
Irene Hanley
Jackie White
Judy Larrick

Judith Gebauer
Julia Godwin
Kristy Maddox
Marlene and Tony Barney
Morgan Solray

Sally Mayes
Shinita Taylor

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